Thursday, August 16, 2007

Stage 34, Miraloma Park (4h)

Lots of pictures below!

Miraloma Park is quite possibly one of the most diverse (talking properties) districts we have toured as of yet. Geographically, it is the largest of the sub-districts in district 4. You get a taste of Glen Park, Balboa Terrace, Diamond Heights, Parkside, and Forest Knolls all wrapped into one. As you'll see from the pictures, there are Tudors, Mid-Century Moderns, 80's boxes, mid 20'-40's junior and full-fives, Spanish Mediterraneans, and so much more.
As much as there are these types of properties in this district, they are very much in certain parts of the area. The Tudors are found mostly on the northwest side of the district near Portola on Evelyn. A lot of the mid-century moderns are found on the east and south sides of the district on streets like Myra, Reposa, Sherwood, and Hillcrest. The 40's "Parkside" homes are mostly around Teresita, Fowler, Rockdale, and a little pocket down on Vista Verde around Stillings. Take a drive up Del Vale to Encline and you'll feel like you're driving from El Camino del Mar up to Seal Rock in the Outer Richmond. From a lot of the homes on the eastern slope, they have some pretty spectacular views of the Bay all the way to Mt. Diablo.
The district experiences at least three different types of weather on a typical summer day. West of Teresita (a very busy street) is the fog. Along the ridge the wind HOWLS and has a nice sun/fog mix. Get down to the east side closer to Glen Park and the sun is out, wind is lighter and air temp is 5 degrees warmer.
As for commercial attractions, there is Tower Market, Mollie Stone's, Tower Burger, First National Bank, and the Taqueria in Miraloma Market all up on the corner of Terisita and Portola.
Portola is an insanely busy street, as is O'Shaughnessy, but there are also tons of streets that are so quiet you can hear yourself think, streets like Sherwood and Hillcrest (save for the wind noise), Bella Vista, Foerster, and Molimo.
As for the stats:

This district is a perfect example of why it is soooo important to work with someone that knows this city in and out. There are so many pockets of good and bad homes in each district that you really can't afford to say, "I don't like the homes in Miraloma Park", because chances are pretty good in this district there is something for everyone.

Molimo and Bella Vista looking east.

Homes on Myra around Reposa

12 Sherwood...imagine the touches you could put in this home!

32 Agua, you can see at as it is not yet on the market, but coming soon.

There has to be at least one in each neighborhood...84 Rockdale.

Home on Melrose

Views down Melrose to the East Bay. Glen Park is at the bottom of this hill, and the homes toward this side of Miraloma Park feel very Glen Park.

740 Foerster. This home is on the market, check with your sfnewsletter provider for details.

Homes on Stanford Heights

Gee, wonder where this photo was taken.

You see? This home looks nothing like any of the others. Malta @ Valetta

More Malta homes

Definitely some good gardening that goes on here. Also on Malta.

Not something you see everyday in San Francisco architecture is it? It's out there, and in abundance in Miraloma Park. These homes are on the corner of Mercato and Malta.

If you drive down Marietta and park at the bend, you can walk out onto a rock, practically a cliff that hangs over Glen Park and O'Shaughnessy. If you look back towards the west, this is what you'll see.

This is what you'll see if you look south. All the homes in this frame are in Miraloma Park.

And this is what you see if you look east.
The homes on the top of this frame are up on El Sereno, and the foreground are homes on Marietta.

A taste of homes on Vista Verde @ Stillings

Busy Portola in the foreground, and the abundance of Tudors in Miraloma Park on the Northwest slope. Lots of street noise here.

Nice home on Juanita

Another beauty on Jaunita

Just another example of the diversity of property on one street, Juanita.

And with that, we end out tour of Miraloma Park. It was a bit of a "Picture Medley" wasn't it?

Happy House Hunting. Let us know if we can help.

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