Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stage 18, Pine Lake Park (3C)

City District Map in Detail

The Tour de San Francisco is our version of the great cycling race, where we tour through our nano-markets around town, because in San Francisco, it truly does come down to the block. Last week we hit the hills of Merced Heights. This week, stage 18 takes us to the quaint little district of Pine Lake Park...District 3C. We'll finish after 86 stages with district 10K...Bayview Heights. If you have anything you want to say about your neighborhood, we want to hear it. Please send to For past stages, visit our archives.

Funny thing...most of the Pine Lake Park district is actually green space. There are only a couple other districts that can claim this honor, but only one that cranks out free concerts all summer within its bounds thanks to Stern Grove. This district only has 13 streets total, there are zero condos to speak of, and the single families can range from $750,000 all the way up to $1.7MM. If you're looking for tiny, quaint, and somewhat quiet (Sloat Blvd. tends to be a bit noisy), you might consider looking here. Maybe you're looking in another part of town for this type of home:

Well, you're in luck. Most of the homes between Vale and Gabilan look just like that. Check "the listings" for pictures of the insides of some of these. But don't be mistaken, all the homes in this area are not like that. Many of the homes west of Vale are single story, and then when you get down to 35th and 36th Avenues, the homes look very much like anything you'd find in the Central Sunset, or Inner Parkside. Here's a picture of 35th Ave:

Take a drive down Crestlake and you'll feel like you are in Suburban Nirvana. Nicely tended front lawns, quiet, little traffic (thanks in large part to the "no right turn" off of Sloat onto Crestlake), and all of the homes back up to Stern Grove or Pine Lake park and their towering Eucalyptus trees.
The homes in this district tend to sell relatively well, but again, like all homes these days, pricing is crucial. The neighborhood itself isn't too appealing if you must be a "walk to shops and restaurants" dweller, but if Stonestown Galleria or Ono Hawaiian BBQ on Sloat is your thing, well then...welcome home. So as with most areas of San Francisco, you'd be surprised what you find if you just think outside of your district.

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