Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stage 21, Merced Manor (3F)

What can we say? This district is tiny, absolutely tiny (make sure to check the detailed map), but big on real estate! The homes in this rarely talked about, yet highly desirable location, are second to none. The whole reason we moved to this site permanently is to show you pictures of some of these gems rather than describing them in words.

For the most part the homes have beautifully manicured front yards, tons of street parking, but also a little alleyway behind the homes leading to their parking, very similar to many homes in Sea Cliff.

That is not to say that every home is large, glorious and stately. There are a few little homes like this:

And of course what neighborhood would be complete without the home somebody forgot about:

In case you're wondering what that little rain drop on the map is, it is the San Francisco Water Department Merced Manor Reservoir, and adjacent Central Pump Station, which has undergone/is undergoing an extensive renovation and the completion date has been extended until Spring 2007 (Oh, we're there already.)

So if you're missing out on those insanely overbid homes in West Portal, Forest Hill, or St. Francis Wood, you might consider tiny little Merced Manor.

It's your lucky day, because 3050 24th Ave just came back on the market today at a much lower price ($1,299,000) than it originally listed ($1,500,000) back in October of 2006. And 2960 26th Ave has a "motivated seller" and much lower price (also $1,299,000) from its original $1,400,000. This is why we tell you to check those Stalefish.

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