Friday, July 13, 2007

Stage 32, Midtown Terrace

Ahhh, Midtown Terrace. So nice. So quiet. Great views from many of the homes. Suburban feel, but still in the city. Homes are well taken care of, and the magnetism from Sutro tower can't be topped. If you enter this district from Clarendon onto Dellbrook you'd think you were driving into Muir Woods...lush green Eucalyptus and ivy everywhere. Hang an illegal left and climb La Avenzada and you can get stink eye from the guard shack of Sutro Tower.

Dellbrook coming in from Clarendon:

Feel your skin burning? ;-)

This district is very large and not as well defined as many of the others around town, but don't hesitate to go check it out. It is home to Laguna Honda Hospital, and one of two main access roads to Twin Peaks. Judging by our calculations, 195 Marview could possibly be one of 5 or 10 homes with the highest elevation in the city (please correct us if we're wrong). The only homes higher would be those on Palo Alto, but that street is actually in Clarendon Heights, so we're not thinking about that district right now.

Very "modern" looking home at 416 Portola...the low point of Midtown Terrace:

Its front door:

Very typical house on Midcrest, this one at 39 Midcrest:

Just like Diamond Heights was the district with all the streets named after gems, Midtown Terrace takes the cake for "view" street names (Farview, Clairview, Marview, Dawnview, Cityview, get the picture.) And yes, there are some great views in pretty much every direction from this neighborhood. Long know the kind you get when you climb a mountain. Longviews out to the ocean, down into the southbay, and even east bay.

View from Panorama west out to Pacific Ocean:

These homes on Panorama have that view:

View looking west where Cityview and Knollview converge:

View from Dellbrook looking east into Midtown Terrace and the lower parts of Twin Peaks (homes on Aquavista, Skyiew)

So how do these homes sell? Very well, thanks.

We invite you to check this area out. It is, like every other district in this city, completely different from the others, and nothing like the other District 4 areas.
Happy House Hunting!

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