Thursday, May 17, 2007

Stage 26, Oceanview (3J)

Oceanview...we suppose there are some ocean views to be had in this district, but perhaps a better name is "Dalyview", for the un-surpassed views of Daly City. Take a drive around this area, and spend some time there, and you'll see what we mean. There are views, but hey...they're not that great (That for our out of town readers...don't be fooled by the name.) There are sounds though, that's for sure, thanks to the ever-present hum of the Interstate-280, which is this area's border to the south and east. For those that don't know, the I-280 is one of two major road arteries leading to and from downtown from many areas south of San Francisco. The other artery being the 101. As we've said in Stage 23 (Ingleside Heights) and Stage 25 (Ingleside) the hum of traffic could be kind of soothing. Kind of like wind in the trees. Think of it that way.
The neighborhood itself is very "working class", or "blue-collar", and not necessarily the most cared for, or "pride of ownership" area. This is not to say there isn't the anomoly, we have to generalize. But as with most properties in the city, they sell quickly, and for a pretty penny:

A lot of the homes are very similar to some of the homes in the stages we've done in the past. We like to call them the "Parkside" homes: two bed; one bath up; one car parking; and many with the oh-so common "unwarranted in-law" down. Only in this neighborhood, they are a bit less well maintained.

Of course they have a few homes that are totally out of character too:

This fire house on Broad St is quite possibly the best maintained building of all the neighborhood:

There are all kinds of mom and pop stores like Louies Bait Shop (appeared shut down), Reno's Barber Shop, and all kinds of Bible Churches, Baptist Churches, and even an Urban Outreach Center on Plymouth.
The main public transport is the M-Line, and for fun outdoor activity head over to the Oceanview Recreation Center, where there are huge fields for soccer, baseball, football, and generally running wild. They are renovating the entire center, and it looks like it is coming along quite nicely. Think new playgrounds and "a campus-style grouping of four buildings -- gymnasium, community room, teen center and a multi-purpose building that will house a preschool, kitchen, weight room, arts and crafts center and staff offices. The buildings will face a central courtyard."[sfgate]. It's gonna be sweet!

For your cellular needs you might try this place. Never heard of iT, but iT might be good. If nothing else, you could ask the owner if he/she likes yellow/orange buildings and if that happens to be his/her monster truck parked out front. Haven't they heard that San Francisco is one of "the greenest cities in the nation"? Come on! Get with it. ;-) Hummers are sooo out!

And of course, what neighborhood tour would be complete without the home that has been forgotten? Or shall we say, "The home that forgot to buy enough fresh blue paint?"

If you're lucky enough to have neighbors that think their home is a castle, or the floating porch a perfect place for a drum set, well Oceanview might be your calling. These two homes are located on Margaret at Summit and they are a sight to see. Not just for the sight, but how do you get two complete disasters next door to each other?

All in all, the Oceanview is a good neighborhood. Not loaded with fun shops, restaurants, sights, character, or charm, but a good solid place to live and buy a home. Homes are definitely a good buy here, and as more and more families get priced out of the "nicer" areas, Oceanview may just come along. That is if they don't leave San Francisco entirely.
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Stage 25, Ingleside (3H)

So what do you do when your neighborhood is plagued with fog, high winds, and generally lousy weather? You paint! Paint your house bright to make it through the gloomy days. The brighter the better, and pink if you want to have good luck.

You also cover up your Porsche so it doesn't get sand-blasted, forget about taking care of your house, make sure you get all your satellite channels broadcasting swimsuits and warm water sports from the tropical beaches of Hawaii, tell your neighbor, "Sure, I don't care if you build on that mound of rocks. You gettin' a permit for that?", and crack open the Guinness, because in the Ingleside, every day is a lovely day for a Guinness.

Actually, it's not that bad...depending on what street you're on. Don't be fooled, Grafton is a freeway heading to and from the I-280. You can pretty much bet if you live on one of the streets running east-west it will be a "connector". Streets running north-south are much quieter. The neighborhood crests at Lakeview, and homes on the hill either have booming views to the north of Mt. Davidson and all the homes dotting its hillside, or decent views to the south of Daly City. Streets are generally very wide and car-filled, but when you get over the hill towards the East, on streets like Josiah, Margaret, Howth, some turn one way and they're barely wide enough for one car. You also get a nice lulling sound from the I-280 to help you sleep at night, especially on San Miguel. Some would call that "white noise".
Lick Wilmerding High School, a non-profit, independent, coeducational, college preparatory day school is in this district at 755 Ocean Avenue. Your commercial row would be Ocean Avenue beginning around Plymouth and heading west to 19th Ave, with tons of shops, restaurants, and "big" retail stores like Walgreens, Rite Aid, and such.
Homes in the Ingleside are a veritable smorgasbord of types, shapes, and sizes. Generally, homes are not the best kept, but there are a few standouts. Prices range from the low $600,000s to the upper $800,000s:

If you're looking for a grand, palatial home this ain't the place for you...more like a neighborhood full of character, good people and a toughness you won't find anywhere in the "north end" of town.

And of course, what neighborhood would be complete without the home being over-taken by nature:

or the home somebody tried so hard to get right, but just didn't? (We're guessing a do it yourself exterior stucco renovation.)

Not to fear, all your real estate sins may be forgotten in St. Emydius Catholic Church on Ashton @ De Montfort

or hop over the hill to the Oceanview and find any number of Bible, Gospel, and Baptist Churches to calm your soul.

Happy house-hunting. Let us know if we can help.

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