Friday, August 10, 2007

Stage 33, St. Francis Wood 4g

St. Francis Wood carries the mystique and aura of Pacific Heights, but is in a totally different part of town, has different weather, and an entirely different feel. Unfortunately for most, if you're looking to get into St. Francis Wood, plan on paying a ton, and competing with several other buyers. It is very quiet (unless you're on Portola, or St. Francis Blvd), has tons of tree-lined streets (some flat, others hilly), and is very "suburban", and feels almost like something you'd find in Connecticut. The area is very lush and green. Homes are typically very well cared for, stately, and expensive. The weather can be brutally foggy in summer, but in fall and winter it is beautiful. Halloween is a HUGE event in this area (like much of the city), and smiles and waves from neighbors are common. The closest shops and restaurants are across Portola into West Portal, and popping on the I-280 to all points south is a breeze.

We leave the rest to a picture medley of some homes including the brown shingled home on the corner of Santa Ana and Monterey that stretches the entire block and has a rather large indoor pool (from what we could tell).
If you'd like listings or comps from the area, please contact us, or your sfnewsletter provider (the links we've been providing expire after 30 days, so we'll no longer be posting them.)

Happy house hunting.