Thursday, September 06, 2007

Stage 35, Forest Hill Extension (4j)

As with every stage we've done so far, we are continually blown away with how different each area is from the other. As Realtors we have been around this city countless times, seen oodles of property, been lost on more than one occasion, but still there is so much to discover it is not even funny, and when you're touring with the goal of sharing with others, you look at things differently than just touring property.
Forest Hill Extension is no exception. There are so many different types of property in this area, so many great views, and so much history we could go on forever, but we won't. We'll just share some pictures and a little bit of insight.
When homes go for sale in this neighborhood, they're pretty much gone. Of course, as with every home in the city, if you over-price you will be on the fast track to Staledom, but price it right and life is good.
There is another factor in selling a property in this district, especially when you get up on the hill, Edgehill that is. The neighbors got each other's backs...big time. Families trade properties with one another off market and keep their hill a tight knit group of interesting people. Take for example this lot for sale on Edgehill. The neighbors want nothing to do with the sale, and they've made it known. If the neighbors don't hinder you, mother nature will. This very lot was the site of the collapse of Edgehill during the El Nino storms of 1997. The road completely collapsed, but has been rebuilt since then. The views are incredible, but the risk is huge.
Picture this retaining wall gone! (Edgehill road at the top)

Even the Sangiacomo Family, who pretty much have their own compound on the other side of Edgehill, won't touch it.

Foresthill Extension is also home to one of the few gated communities in the city, Knockash Hill. (Sorry didn't get a pic, but you can see it from the view on Edgehill above. They're the townhomes in the foreground.)
Many homes feel very "Outer Sunset", many feel very "Forest Hill", some are very modern, and others are just down right ugly.

Homes on Ulloa

Homes on the "triangle" block off of Laguna Honda across from Balceta

Home on Merced

Home on Rockaway at Rockwood (Sweet isn't it!)

Views from all sides of the hill are incredible, and it is very quiet. Heck, there's even a street that when you drive down it, you feel like you're in the backwoods of New Hampshire and not a "suburb" of San Francisco.

This is the view looking north from the lady we'll just call the Grande Dame of Edgehill's home...not for sale, and probably never will be. 180 degree views north to Sausalito, south to Pacifica. That is Foresthill in the foreground.

There are a fair bit of rundown homes, dead front lawns, and random architectural choices, but there are very few areas in the city that don't have that, so don't let that sway you.
This district is home to St. Brendan school, and the commercial hotspots are the same as for Miraloma Park, but we suppose you could easily haul off to West Portal too.

This is a very cool street that is narrow and has really great homes with spectacular ocean and southern views. (Kensington)
Is this home in San Francisco? It was in another picture, can you find it?

View from Kensington at Vasquez up towards Edgehill.

Homes on Ulloa on the southside of Edgehill

The blue beauty of the neighborhood, also on Ulloa.

This home was so sweet and so new, and so least from the outside. (Rockaway)

Rockridge Terrace looking up the hill. The End! We hope you enjoyed this stage of the tour. We did. And we particularly enjoyed the weather this day.

As always, contact us if you have any questions.