Thursday, September 20, 2007

Stage 36, Sherwood Forest, 4k

Sherwood Forest is near the top of Mt. Davidson, looking down onto St. Francis Wood. Homes in this area, like many parts of the city, are pretty darn nice. The views up on Lansdale to the south and east are incredible, by the way. Up towards the top of the hill on streets like Robin Hood, Lansdale and Dalewood the homes are very similar to those found in Miraloma Park. Down the hill towards the west, the homes are much more West Portal, Monterey Heights, and even a bit St. Francis Wood. Dalewood has to be one of the steepest streets in San Francisco that very few even know about. Do a few sprints up that and you'll be good to go for the coming ski season.
The area is very quiet and feels very much disconnected from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco, unless of course, you're on Miraloma. That is a very busy street. But check out this place on the north side of Lansdale, 101 Lansdale, and let us know if you think you're in San Francisco when you see this.
Homes in this area generally sell pretty quickly, averaging 56 days on the market (according to mls). Prices range from high $800,000s to the $3.5M (anomaly). There aren't any condos, and as far as we know, no multi-unit buildings either.
This area is sweet. Go check it out. It's so small there is not much to say.

Home on the corner of Casitas and Lansdale

More homes on Lansdale...south side

Home on Casitas

Another sweet home on Casitas...we think Darth Vader lives here.

Home on Miraloma

Robin Hood

The end of Casitas, or beginning depending on how you look at it.

The end of today's stage, or beginning of the next...depending on how you look at it.