Friday, June 08, 2007

Stage 28, Diamond Heights (4b)

The great thing about San Francisco is that every neighborhood (district) is truly different than the other. Just like the people that make up this great city, our property is so unique and diverse, it just makes our job that much more fun.
In San Francisco, a lot of us base our home search on the district, and assume that places like District 4 are full of homes like you see in Balboa Terrace, St. Francis Wood, West Portal, or Forest Hill, so you don't even bother looking in that district. Big mistake!
Last week we took you through Balboa Terrace, and loved the homes, neighborhood, and the market is great there. This week we're in Diamond Heights (Home of the "gem" streets like Quartz, Amethyst, Topaz, Turquoise), and it is completely different than what we saw in district 4b (Balboa Terrace).
If you're looking for mid-century modern, Eichlers, and homes of that nature, your radar should be zeroed in on Diamond Heights. In our opinion this is the largest concentration of mid-century homes in the entire city.

Many of the homes, especially the condos/apartments on top of the hill have booming views, either of the city or south into Glen Park and south city, or even west into Glen Park Canyon.

(Make sure to click "the listings" below for more looks at some of these homes like you see here.)

Homes generally sell relatively quickly in this part of town, as they rarely come available, and multiple offers are common. The condos, on the other hand, sit a bit longer and require very precise pricing.

Something interesting about this district is that it is primarily one big park/recreation area, the name of which mirrors another district in San Francisco, Glen Park. With hiking trails, towering Eucalyptus trees, and steep slopes to burn the quads, Glen Park Canyon is a great place to get out and get away. Those of you that live on that little tip of Bosworth right on the edge of Glen Park, and you're saying you live in Glen Park...technically no. You're actually part of Diamond Heights. (Eddie?)
The main commercial center is the Diamond Heights Shopping Center on top of the hill and it is home to Safeway, Walgreens, Bank of America, and other fine corporate American establishments. Right next door is a nice little playground, the Christopher Playground, and close to that is the San Francisco Law Enforcement Regional Training Facility (SF Police Academy). For a little slice of Eden amongst the sea of Mid-Century modern homes, head on down to Crags Court and take a gander at the Crags Court Community Garden. Whatever you do when you're in Diamond Heights, plan on it being windy.
And of course, what neighborhood is complete without the home that just doesn't seem to fit in?

Feel like checking the district via satellite? Click this link.

We could go on, but we'll leave it at that. Got questions, contact us. Otherwise, we wish you a great day, and happy house hunting.

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