Friday, October 19, 2007

Stage 38, Mount Davidson Manor (4n)

Do you ever wonder why we don't post when it's raining? Because we want to deceive readers into thinking the weather in San Francisco is sunny and warm all the time. No really, it's because we're out representing clients on purchasing and selling many of these homes, so we just get busy, but it is always refreshing to get out and do some more of the tour to again open our eyes on how great our city is.

Mount Davidson Manor is no exception. It's a bit weird how you can be in one end of San Francisco, drive up Ocean towards this area, hit the commercial areas on Ocean at Manor, Lakewood, and Keystone and feel like you're either in Orange County, CA or a movie set at Universal Studios complete with street car (K-line Muni, movie theatre tower, and palm trees lining the streets. This part of town definitely doesn't strike us as very "San Francisco", but then again, that's why we live here.

All you have to do is get off that commercial street and whamo! back into San Francisco. The homes are very similar to many we have already seen, most are well taken care of, many up on Kenwood, Manor, West Gate, and Upland have great views to the west, and south. We will say, the last couple homes on Lakewood are a bit run-down, and the area of Dorado Terrace is very dense, crowded and a bit less desirable than the rest of the district. Otherwise, it is yet another great area of San Francisco that many fail to discover.

So how do the sales stack up? Here's a screen shot of some averages:

As we've learned, a picture is worth a thousand words, so again, we zip our lips.

Home on the corner of Upland and Manor 198 Manor:

Views on Manor south to Merced Heights and Ingleside Heights

Intersection of Fairfield and Kenwood

Condos on Dorado Terrace

Homes on West Gate
Big Homes up on Monterey, which is a very busy street. Great views to the south and west.
Homes on Upland
There's something about this color that people like. We don't get it.

The commercial row on Ocean
Halloween decorations or business as usual on Pinehurst.
Upland and Manor views to south and east
Home on corner of Upland and Kenwood
Darien @ Westgate

And we're done. Enjoy your Friday. We will.