Thursday, March 06, 2008

Stage 47, Twin Peaks (5d)

Here we are again, another week, another stage. This time we take a trip into the hills of Twin Peaks (History). Going from last week's Stage in Noe Valley, we almost felt lost. Like we'd gone to a different planet, state, or city. It was like we took a step back in time to the 60's. Turns out, it's just another reason San Francisco and all of its tiny nano-markets are the way they are.

Here's a snapshot of the sales averages:

Twin Peaks has one thing going for it that truly can't be matched (in our opinion)... views, views, views, and more views. The views of the City and Bay are truly extraordinary. If you've never been up to the top of Twin Peaks, you owe it to yourself to hop in your car and make the journey. Better yet, hop on your bike or strap on those shoes and get that heart rate going. Think about how much fun it will be on the way down. (Our pictures don't do it justice.)

The homes are built like staircases into the hill and one thing you'll notice when you look at this escapes, lots of them.

Single family homes are few and far between in this area. Condominiums, town-homes, and apartment buildings reign supreme. If you're looking for mid-century architecture you might think about looking here. Our first pick for mid-centuries is still Diamond Heights, but you'll find some gems here too.

The three busiest streets are Corbett (37 Muni line), Burnett, and of course Upper Market. The quietest areas would have to be up around Villa Terrace and Graystone. Villa Terrace actually starts in district 5h, Clarendon Heights, but continues into Twin Peaks. This street is TINY! It feels a lot like something you'd see in the hills of Italy. What's even more interesting is the Pemberton staircase that serves as the border between the two districts. Technically, it's Clarendon Heights, but take a drive (or walk) up there and see the difference in architecture from one side to the other, then allow us to say, "We told you so." ;-)

Twin Peaks is a great area, with some great architecture and fabulous views. It can be a bit windy and foggy in summer, but so can a whole bunch of other districts in San Francisco. We invite you to check it out.

Here are some photos to help paint the picture.

How about some hoops on Hopkins?

Pemberton Stairs
Villa Terrace looking towards Graystone
Home at Villa and Graystone
Home on the end of Romain right above Market Street

Copper Alleyway (Staircase)
On Corbett looking up to Sutro Tower

Home on Hopkins

Romain's little tiny red tile roofed single family homes

Garages on the street, homes hiding down the hill below.

We can't figure out which is better, the motor home, or the home.
Homes on Crestline

Crestline from the back
Parkridge, how about the curves on that home!

What's the point of putting windows streetside. All the views are the other way anyway.
That's it! Thanks for reading to the end. See you soon.