Friday, February 29, 2008

Stage 46, Noe Valley (5c)

Here we are again for another stage of our tour. We've been through quite a few neighborhoods, and have quite a few more to go. Today we venture into Noe Valley.

We wonder if the Castro had anything to do with this rainbow in Noe.

Generally speaking (we kind of have to) Noe Valley is one of the most popular home buying destinations in all of San Francisco. It is in large part protected by the wind and fog San Francisco is so accustomed to, many of the homes are very well taken care of, and many have unbelievable views in all directions. Homes in this area sell very well...very well. Whether they are fixers, turn key, or multi unit, this is a very sound place to place some of your money in San Francisco real estate.

Noe Valley is often accused of "having too many strollers". That is because it is a great place for raising a family, so how can you blame the families from wanting to be there. The weather is nice, there are shops for all the mommies, and there is definitely a sense of community here.

One thing we feel compelled to say...When we do these tours, we literally drive every street in every district and take photos of things we find define the area and give you a glimpse of what you can expect when you head there on your own. We're usually very inspired to snap photo after photo to post to this site; however, in Noe Valley we were oddly uninspired. Maybe it was sensory overload because there were so many properties, but we almost feel it was more that there isn't too much architectural diversity that justified a plethora of photos. For the most part, Noe Valley is either Victorians or Edwardians like these.

23rd Street at Castro (The Painted Ladies ain't got nothin' on these beauties!)
Upper 22nd Street looking down east
Of course getting inside these homes is an entirely different thing, but from the streets, there isn't too much change from one area to another. There were a few standouts where people have broken the mold (quite refreshing actually), and there are definitely areas that are distinctly different than others, but generally Noe can be summed up by the photos we've selected above.

Here are a few standouts that caught our eye.

25th Street Modern

Modern on 23rd St.
What about the streets? We should all know that 24th St. is essentially the "heart" of Noe, but there is also great stuff on Church down near 29th St, tons of action on Guerrero (the eastern border of Noe, which no surprise feels much more like the Mission), and even a few cute little places on Sanchez. Grand View has just that, Grand Views, as well as the 48 Quintara Muni Bus that races up the street like a bat out of hell. Church has the J-Line Street Car, Clipper is very busy, Noe (the street) is extremely busy, as is Castro, Diamond, and surprisingly 23rd (likely a lot of traffic by-passing 24th).

Noe Valley central, 24th Street


Homes are different south of Clipper as shown here. Much more "Sunset" or "Parkside"
Stores on 24th Street

Grandview looking to Upper Market raised roadway. Apartments on the left.

How's this for a-typical Noe up on Grand View
Views into Noe Valley from 23rd Street
High Street
Views from High Street

11 High Street
That's it for now. We might amend this tour as we see fit or get more photos, but for now, we wish you a fun filled weekend.

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