Thursday, October 25, 2007

Stage 39, Westwood Highlands (4p)

Way back when we did some of our first stages of this tour, we received a great insider account for Westwood Highlands, and its time has finally come to make it to our pages. We really enjoy reading them and receiving any information about your area you'd like to share. Just send it to, and we'd be happy to post it along with our stage. Without further adieu, from "M.O.":

"Thanks for your great newsletter! I enjoy reading it every single week and think it's a phenomenal resource.

I know it's a ways off but I'd like to provide input on my neighborhood -- Westwood Highlands (4-P). Talk about hidden's a charming neighborhood of 280+ homes built in the 1920's on Mt. Davidson that's tucked between St. Francis Wood, Monterey Highlands [Heights] and Sunnyside. The detached houses represent that by-gone era of charm, detail and craftsmanship with great curb appeal. Westwood Highlands is very much like West Portal, but only with more of a 'neighborhood' feel with the winding, cozy streets, and better freeway access. The views are magnificent and the streets quiet. [We have not yet toured West Portal, or Sunnyside, so send us your insider report to]

The neighborhood is 'governed' by an association formed in the 20's when the houses were built. That association is still alive and well and exists to protect the quality of life and homes in the neighborhood.

People are pretty friendly and stay put for a long time. They are super protective of the neighborhood, even going as far as to walk through open houses to see if there are any illegal upgrades or rooms. At least that's what I assume after what happened to my husband and me when we bought our house on Hazelwood [last] summer.

[removed for preservation of privacy]...[Other than that experience,] our small backyard, and the occasional whoosh of a BART train (crazy how sound travels!), we're thrilled with our new digs, views and area. We plan to stay put for the long haul." [Thanks for your input and enjoy your new digs. Now for some pictures.]

First some quick averages for this district:
Single-Family Homes averages (no condos or multi-unit) Listing price: $1,065,250; year built: 1914; List price/square foot: $595; Days On Market: 28; Sales Price: $1,123,219; Sale price/square foot: $663

Hazelwood looking west
Typical style of home on Cresta Vista Views to the south
From Hazelwood and Los Palmos looking east
Brentwood at Valdez
Valdez home
Home on Plymouth at Mangels
On Valdez looking north
Nice home on the corner of Valdez and Mangels
Cresta Vista construction. Can't wait to see what comes here.
Los Palmos brown shingle needing some luv
Views up the hill towards Cresta Vista from Hazelwood and Los Palmos intersection

And we're done. Thanks for reading, we hope you come back next Friday for another stage of our tour to open your eyes to our wonderfully diverse city and the property that makes it up.

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