Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stage 6, Sea Cliff

Market Update

Ahhh...Sea Cliff. This is another one of those San Francisco nano-markets that can really do no wrong, unless of course, you are our insanely over-priced $23.5MM fixer, 5 bed, 4.5 bath, 9436 square foot Stalefish of the Year, which came on the market at $18MM in 2003. (You catch that? Didn't sell at $18MM, so they increased the price to $23.5MM. Brilliant!) Mercifully, it has finally been taken off the market, and is undergoing a massive renovation, so keep an eye out for it. We shudder to think of the price after a couple million dollars have been pumped into it. Stalefish aside, if you are looking for one-of-a-kind properties in a very quiet neighborhood with actual front yards, spectacular ocean views, and the sound of crashing surf out your window, this is the neighborhood for you. Just don't plan on riding your single speed beach cruiser to the beach. This is still San Francisco and that means there are hills... big, long, steep ones. It isn't called Sea CLIFF for nothing.

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Comparison Shopping

We love shopping for homes with $23.5MM (the price of the Stalefish of the Year). But why settle for simply a home when you could buy an entire island in Grenada, Caribbean. We couldn't find a good $23.5MM fixer island (strange, we know), but we did find a pretty sweet uninhabited island with four houses, an airstrip, beaches, small bays, lush vegetation, tropical climate, and two volcanic knolls that will only set you back $18MM. Or just hop across our pond to Belvedere Island and pick up this modern stunner, also for $18MM. One micro-climate away, and an entirely different micro-market.


Sea Cliff has no bars, clubs, restaurants, grocery stores...nada! But it does have China Beach. Take your kids to play and climb on the rocks (you might bring blinders for the occasional exhibitionists), dare to take a swim, watch the surf pound the shore, taste the salt air, feel the icy wind on your cheeks, and bundle up. You know...your typical San Francisco beach day.

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