Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stage 7, Lone Mountain

Home to the University of San Francisco and built largely on a cemetery (thanks Chris), Lone Mountain truly has its share of history, not to mention great property and a great college vibe. Streets like Paramount, Temescal, Annapolis, etc., are very small and quaint; however, streets like Fulton, Stanyan, and Turk are anything but. The homes are very typical of early 1900's San Francisco architecture, and if you get high enough up on the "mountain", the views are second to none (on a clear day). So get your season tickets for the Dons' games, and supress your fear of living on hallowed ground, because this is a great part of town.

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What is a Stalefish? A property that has been on the market 100+ days and is still not sold. 473-475 Parker is a 6 bed, 4.5 bath, 4000 square foot $2.65MM contemporary two unit remodel in Lone Mountain, we are pleased to report, is finally in contract. It was originally listed at $2,975,000 and from what we can gather (MLS is not entirely perfect), has sat 193 days on the market. Congratulations to the person(s) picking up this property. It is pretty sweet. It's still a Stalefish, but that doesn't mean it can't be sweet. There are other Stalefish in the Lone Mountain area. Sniff 'em out and we'll give you and a friend a free drink at Blue Bottle Coffee.

The ever so popular... list of Stalefish.

Comparison Shopping

We're betting those two units on Parker sell for around $2.5MM. Look what you get on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand for $2.5MM. There's just too much to describe, you have to check it out.


Did you know that USF has an excellent Sports and Fitness center that is open to the public? Well it is true. The Koret Center located on the corner of Stanyan and Turk has an olympic sized indoor swimming pool, racquetball courts, indoor batting cages, and so much more. All that indoor can help when the weather makes it hard to go outdoor.

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