Thursday, March 22, 2007

Stage 19, Stonestown (3D)

City District Map in Detail

Last week was a tight fast course around Pine Lake Park, and this week we're watching the tricycles race out of class in district 3D, Stonestown. Home to, Stonestown Galleria (big surprise there) and San Francisco State University, you truly feel like you are in a college environment in this area.

There are zero listings for sale, sold, withdrawn, inactive, nada! This district is NOT someplace to look to buy. If you'd like to move here and rent, basically your only options are the Villas at Park Merced. They pretty much dominate. The villas and towers are surprisingly only composed of about 30% students, given the close proximity to "State", but we have to say, the area, as a whole is really nice. Very well kept outdoor spaces, lawns, and parks. Wide streets, close to all kinds of outdoor activity, and lots of room to roam. If you like that sort of "campus" vibe, and an area with a ton of green space, this is the place for you.


Sophie said...

one question tho. who owns the Villas and other buildings there? I thought at least part of it was social housing?
any info on that?

Editor said...


I'll have to look into that. Feel free to "ask an expert" over at so that I can forward to our team. I don't have the answer off the top of my head, but one of the others might.