Thursday, April 05, 2007

Stage 20, Lakeside (3E)

White picket fences in this neighborhood are actually optional. You'd never guess from driving around. Once you actually get into this neighborhood it feels kind of nice and peaceful, but one thing you must know is that it is bordered by some of the busiest streets in the city...19th Ave on the west, Junipero Serra on the east, and Sloat Blvd on the north. Kind of like putting a suburb in the middle of a couple freeways. Think of it as adding a little background noise, kind of like the ocean. ;-)

That is not to say the homes aren't nice and don't sell well. Of course there are a few Stalefish (tm) that frequent this area, but price it right, and it will sell. Condos don't exist here, so don't expect to find any, and plan on a fair bit of competition for the few homes that hit the market. Make sure to check the comps and don't panic, because TYPICALLY homes in this area can be had for under asking. However, with the current market picking up steam, that could change, so make sure to do your homework.

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