Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stage 50, Corona Heights (5g)

Nestled into the eastern slope of the ridge that runs from Twin Peaks northward, Corona Heights is in a class all by itself. The streets are windy, narrow, steep, quiet, very quaint in places, and extremely busy in others (17th, Market, and Clayton come to mind.) You'd almost think that if there were not homes here, there would be vineyards tucked into the hillside that enjoyed the moisture from the fog spilling over the hill from Cole Valley, and the warmth from the sun that shines in Noe Valley (I'm no wine expert, but it just has that feel.) However, the wind on the crest where 17th St. and Clayton intersect might make you think more about the summit of Mt. Everest than the serenity of Tuscany or Napa Valley. Even on a calm day the wind blows there, and when the rest of the city is windy, forget about wearing a skirt up there. It absolutely NUKES! There are many little pockets on the east slope that are very sheltered from the wind, so don't let that deter you from having a look at Corona Heights.

The homes in this area sell very well, and the styles of architecture run anywhere from mid-century boxes (which we love), and grand Victorians, to modern masterpieces. The street names are straight out of an Astronomy book (Uranus, Saturn, Mars, Vulcan, Ord), and on a clear night the city views from many of the homes are truly out of this world.

The area is very close to tons of great shopping and restaurants of the Castro, Haight, Cole Valley, and even some cool little shops on Market. There is a great public school in this district, McKinley Elementary on the corner of 14th St. and Castro, and access to Public Transportation is a snap.

All in all, this neighborhood (like all the others) is very different from its neighboring districts and the types of homes vary widely, so if it is on your radar, I highly suggest you spend some time (morning, noon, and night) checking this area out.

Homes on Corbett (the 37 MUNI line runs down Corbett)
On Corbett looking up to Clayton
Corner of Clayton and Corbett (the homes are not sinking, I was)
Modern Architecture on Uranus
This home is on Deming, which is not on the map, but connects from Uranus to Clayton
Home on Levant (purple is in!)
Modern design on the corner of Levant and Lower Terrace
Coming soon: something on Ord Court
Ord Court
This is a really cool little purple house on Corbett (200 Corbett post on

Randall Museum

Homes on the corner of Roosevelt and Museum
McKinley Elementary School (not the best photo, I know)
Home up on 16th (@ Flint)
Mid-Century homes on Flint
Upper Terrace Market on the corner of 17th and Uranus
Mid-Century apartments on Roosevelt
Dr. Seuss loved these trees didn't he? (Roosevelt Way)
Some of the views you'll see in this district (these from Roosevelt Way)

Woah! (Do the Roosevelts live here?)

Get your bearings
And that is just about it. Like always, if you have any questions about this neighborhood, property in this area, or anywhere in San Francisco for that matter, do not hesitate to contact me (sfnewsletter @ gmail . com, or alexclark @ gmail . com)

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